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#95 Picking Up On Pickups with Kris from PegCity Pickups

This week we get a visit from the Canadian prairies with Kris Remillard from PegCity Pickups. Fast making a name for himself as a passionate and skilled pickup winder, Kris is turning a passion into a business and making lemonade from lemons. He’s awesome and so is this episode! https://instagram.com/pegcitypickups?utm_medium=copy_link https://pegcitypickups.com/

#94 Dedicated to David with Sean from Lollygagger Fx

This week we have returning friend of Al & Kasper, the mighty cool Sean from the epic Lollygagger Fx! Sean is a great guy with a heart of gold who’s pedals have wowed people the world over. The boys talk about old pedals, upcoming pedals and much more. Al chokes on water and the boys take a rare dive deep into some serious issues. It’s an unforgettable episode you don’t want to miss! https://instagram.com/lollygagger_fx?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.lollygaggerfx.com

#93 Return of the Mask with Alec from Mask Audio Electronics

This week we have a returning favourite of ours, Alec Breslow of MAE is a delightfully odd fellow who fits in very well with the goofy jabbering weirdness of Al & Kasper. The trio talk what they’ve been up to since last time Alec was on, what’s upcoming in the near future, Kasper & Al try and fail to get Alec to break a non-disclosure agreement and much more! It’s a good time with three guys who can barely stop cracking up at each other’s jokes. Enjoy! https://instagram.com/maskaudioelectronics?utm_medium=copy_link https://linktr.ee/maskaudioelectronics

#92 Parts Build Series Pt 1 - Walnut Is The Way! ft. Trevor Woodland from Vigilant Guitars

At long last the magical day has come! We officially kick off our Parts Build Series talking about the importance of planning out your build. We’ve enlisted the help of our excellent friend Trevor Woodland of Vigilant Guitars to help us cover everything, Trevor also made the necks for our two build series instruments. We talk planning, failing, bad plans, parts acquiring and more! We’ll be releasing these once a month along with our regular interviews. Enjoy!! https://instagram.com/vigilantguitars?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.vigilantguitars.com https://instagram.com/partscasterconcierge?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.partscasterconcierge.com/ https://instagram.com/indra_guitars?utm_medium=copy_link http://www.indraguitars.com/ https://instagram.com/colmaxpickups?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.colmaxpickups.com/ https://instagram.com/gunstreetwiringshop?utm_medium=copy_link https://gunstreetwiringshop.com/thehub

#91 Weird Science! with Drew from Weird Noise Pedals

Astoria, Oregon is the home of The Goonies, Kindergarten Cop and it’s where Drew Zajicek and his family make the fuzzalicious sounds that Weird Noise is fast making a name for. We talked with Drew about building a new business during the pandemic, fun with black lights, child labour and more! Dig in and enjoy! https://instagram.com/weirdnoisepedals?utm_medium=copy_link https://linktr.ee/weirdnoisepedals

#90 Left Handed Liberation with Rick from PureSalem Guitars

This week we’re visiting the tropical heat of Miami with Rick from PureSalem Guitars. We talk weird guitars, fighting big business, starting a guitar brand from nothing and chasing your dreams.  It’s a killer episode with a very unique mover and shaker in the guitar industry, enjoy! https://instagram.com/puresalemguitars?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.puresalemguitars.com

#89 All SG’s Are About Al

This week Kasper and Al sit down to chat about the continuing saga of Al’s homelessness, gear acquisition syndrome, modifying SG’s and aluminium guitars. We’re stoked to get to be able to put out episodes two weeks in a row after all the chaos of the past month. Enjoy!

#88 Fires, Plagues, Pestilence & Guitars?

We’re back!! After a month off due to a whole slew of crazy and unpredictable circumstances we wanted to update you all on what we’re up to, what we’ve been up to, and what we’re getting up to. It’s a wild story involving hospitals, flames, homelessness and a whole crazy mess. Join us for a very interesting episode!

#87 Offerings To The Gods Of Guitar with Oliver from Rubato Guitars

Guitarists can be a finicky bunch, often reluctant to embrace change and new technology. Well Rubato Guitars are not afraid of change, they’re embracing carbon fibre and making some of the lightest and coolest guitars while doing it. We sat down with Oliver from Rubato to talk about how they got started, what inspires them, and what challenges they face. They’re also the world’s only source of carbon fibre replacement necks for other guitars. It’s a rad chat with a super cool guy, enjoy! https://www.rubato.guitars https://instagram.com/rubatoguitars?utm_medium=copy_link

#86 God Bless Matt Groening with Zac from Malaise Forever Customs

Al & Kasper sit down with Zac Sweeney, pedal building mad scientist behind Malaise Forever Customs to discuss pedals, what order to watch Rocky Balboa, and a healthy smattering of other things that are mostly guitar related. Mostly. Turn it up and enjoy! https://instagram.com/malaiseforevercustoms?utm_medium=copy_link https://linktr.ee/malaiseforever.customs

#85 Pizza Foxes with Richard of Indra Guitars

We’re getting into some high art this week as Kasper and Al are joined by Richard, the wizard of lutherie and art with Indra Guitars. If you’ve ever seen an Indra, it’s unmistakable in its elegance, originality and artistic touches at every angle. You might expect the artist behind such beautiful guitars to be a deadly serious person, but Richard jokes often, laughs easy and nearly out weirds our two hosts. It’s a fantastic chat with a fantastic builder, enjoy! https://instagram.com/indra_guitars?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.indraguitars.com

#84 Pink Teles & Pandemics with SolidGoldFX

Cam got his dream job in an unusual way; right at the beginning of a once in a century worldwide pandemic. When most people were looking at job security being important, Cam threw caution to the wind and took the job offer of a lifetime with SolidGoldFX... and he hasn’t regretted a thing about that. Hear our chat with the man now running the social media and brand experience for one of Canada’s coolest effects brands. It’s a hot take on following your dreams as record high temperatures rock the North American west. Enjoy! https://instagram.com/solidgoldfx?utm_medium=copy_link https://solidgoldfx.com/

#83 Sponge Monkeys & Chris O’Donnell with Bond Guitars

Benjamin Bond of Bond Guitars joins our two heroes this week to talk about his custom creations from Oregon. Of course the boys wind up talking about  a dozen other things as well, with many a laugh to be had within. It’s a fun chat with a hidden gem of a builder who’s rising fast, so dig in! https://bondguitars.org/ https://instagram.com/bondguitars?utm_medium=copy_link

#82 Picking Wisely, A Plectrum Story with Heavy Repping!

This week Al & Kasper are rejoined by Heavy Repping’s charming leader John as they try out four  brand’s unique styles of picks and discuss them and their unique uses. Featuring Honey Picks, T1 Picks, Jaketto Picks and Tree Picks they explore resins, plastics, wood picks and metal picks in a bunch of sizes and shapes. Predictably Al & Kasper get weird and off course, luckily John is there to guide our two weirdos through the plectoverse. https://www.heavyrepping.com/ https://instagram.com/heavyrepping?utm_medium=copy_link https://instagram.com/honey.picks?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.etsy.com/shop/HoneyPicksStore?ref=hdr_user_menu-shop https://instagram.com/treepicks?utm_medium=copy_link https://treepicks.com/ https://instagram.com/t1picks?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.t1picks.com/ https://instagram.com/jakettopicks?utm_medium=copy_link https://jakettopicks.com/

#81 Lords of Guitar with Partscaster Concierge

Kasper and Al sit down with their buddy Gary from Partscaster Concierge to discuss guitars from the ground up. Building custom spec’d high end guitar bodies is Gary’s bread and butter, but he takes things so much further. Gary’s unique spin on the body market is his concierge approach where he can help a person source parts, make design choices and guide builders of all skill levels with the process of creating their own dream guitars themselves. He offers bodies of shapes and styles you can’t find anywhere else making him a must see stop for anyone considering building a guitar. Things get goofy, weird, lots of laughing and guitar worshiping so don’t miss out on a stellar episode! https://instagram.com/partscasterconcierge?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.partscasterconcierge.com/

#80 Japanese Gameshows with Greg from Greedtone Audio

“Greedy” Greg Williamson has had a long and storied musical career that has literally taken him around the world. As a sound tech he’s toured with acts like Sunny Day Real Estate, Mike Watt, The Foo Fighters as well as managing Sunny Day Real Estate. He’s worked with SubPop Records, Eddie Vedder and others who changed musical history. As if all of that weren’t enough he’s designing and building pedals and amps under his brand Greedtone Audio. It’s a super fascinating chat with a guy who was part of a critical music scene in the 1990’s and beyond. Enjoy! https://www.greedtoneaudio.com https://instagram.com/greedtone?utm_medium=copy_link

#79 Fiero’s & Ferrari’s with Ed from Birchway Sound

Birchway Sound isn’t your typical guitar shop, and Ed isn’t a normal guitar ship owner. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Birchway has carved out a unique place in their community and Canada by exclusively selling Canadian made brands from builders all across the country. Representing some of the top of the industry in the world but with a unique patriotic twist has allowed Ed to not just become a go to spot for killer stuff, but to be friends with other shops instead of competition. It’s a unique perspective on music retail and surviving a pandemic as a one man operation. Enjoy! https://instagram.com/birchwaysound?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.birchwaysound.ca/

#78 Poison, Pickups and Poor Batman Sequels with Sonic Pickups

This week Al & Kasper are visiting with Michael Pack from Los Angeles, California. Mike is a rad guy who has worked extensively in movies, TV, and is now making some of the most respected high end pickups around not to mention accessories like switch tips, full wiring jobs and custom made pickups done reliced and more. Sonic Pickups is Mike’s personal stamp on the world of guitar. It’s a fun chat with a man dedicated to tone so enjoy! https://sonicpickups.com https://instagram.com/sonicpickups?utm_medium=copy_link

#77 Running Hot with Ed Durocher of Apollo Suns

“Instrumental psychedelic jazz rock” is a big term, luckily Ed Durocher has a big personality to match it, and so does his band Apollo Suns. Having toured across Canada, into the US, played hundreds of shows, bundles of festivals and releasing a handful of mind blowing records Ed has a lot to share. He’s a joyful bundle of energy and best of all, he’s a great guitarist! Listen to our chat now to hear some tales from one of the hardest working indie musicians out there! https://www.apollosuns.ca/ https://instagram.com/apollosunsmusic?igshid=1u19m1yrx6nu8

#76 Doing It Right with d’Entremont Guitars

This week the boys head to the Canada’s Atlantic coast with Daniel d’Entremont or d’Entremont Guitars. This young Canadian luthier is aiming to make a unique niche between custom builds and offering upscale replacement parts for your builds. Dive on in! https://instagram.com/dentremontguitars?igshid=xq2kgw1xjqxi https://www.dentremontguitars.com/

#75 Joi to the World with Reuben Forsland of Joi Guitars

The boys chat with west coast luthier Reuben of Joi Guitars about his artistic and focused approach to crafting world class acoustics. Building guitars out of the rarest woods from far flung places and down to boards from Jimi Hendrix’s childhood home has made him a legend already. Reuben’s work is owned by collectors, players and rock royalty like Slash. He’s an awesome guy and it’s an awesome episode so please enjoy! And May The 4th Be With you https://instagram.com/joiguitars?igshid=1u3wvy5qyavur https://www.joiguitars.com/

#74 Arcade Games & Scooby Doo with Cascade Pedals

This week Al & Kasper are joined by a fine southern gentleman, Charlie Mostoller of Cascade Pedals. This North Carolina based builder is famed for custom pedals built to request as well as oddballs built into old toys, vintage tins and much more. It’s an epic chat filled with goofy moments and pure dorky guitar love. Enjoy! https://instagram.com/cascadepedals?igshid=g2zytbpgn80h https://cascadepedals.com

#73 Royal Soda with Ryan Guzman from Gear Fever

Al & Kasper sit down for their weekly round table chat with Ryan Guzman, aka; Gear Fever. Ryan’s a stellar dude who does gear demos and is an avid collector and follower of cool gear. Check out this fresh and rising force in the demo community! https://youtube.com/c/gearfever www.gearfevermusic.com

#72 Who Needs Netflix? with Pedals & Chill

Kasper and Al are joined by John Bomboy of Pedals & Chill. John makes some of the coolest demo videos out there and makes it a personal mission to push the art of demo videos to a whole new level. He’s filmed in tunnels, boats, caves and is even taking to the skies to make original and gorgeous demo videos that are more than knob turning. He’s a great guy and it’s a great chat so enjoy! https://instagram.com/pedalsandchill?igshid=kusk6y6jk9ez https://youtube.com/c/JohnBomboy

#71 Schock the Monkey With Schock Rock Pedals

This week Al & Kasper get chatting with a rising star in the pedal world, Brandon Schock who makes some of the craziest pedals around all under the name of Schock Rock Pedals. Al makes a weird intro, Brandon makes weird pedals, and Kasper gives Al weird looks. Overall it’s a strange journey with weird people! https://Instagram.com/schockrock?igshid=4rd1irha7os9

#70 Spiced Jerky & Royal Pooch Pedigree with Rare Buzz Effects

John Esterly returns this week as the fellows sit down to chat about effects, over buffering your pedalboard and the secret new pedal from Rare Buzz Effects! Kasper chats about learning to build pedals, Al shares why he can’t eat KFC, and John shares tone secrets from the beyond. Get into it! https://rarebuzzer.com https://instagram.com/rarebuzzer?igshid=1hey8jcsgahxb

#69 Heavy Riffing with Heavy Repping!

Kasper and Al are joined by plectrum guru John from Heavy Repping! online blog. John has a passion for picks that goes way beyond the usual and into the near obsessive, he’s helped foster a community of collectors and enthusiasts from all over the globe, and is now build a world class online shop for some of his favorite custom and boutique brands. The conversation goes beyond that and gets into some deep stuff, exploring some of the psychology behind guitar. Dig it! https://www.heavyrepping.com/ https://instagram.com/heavyrepping?igshid=1o9spm8ns93bp

#68 Sawdust In The Sink with Big Ear Pedals

This week the boys are visiting with Nashville effect magician Grant Wilson from Big Ear Pedals. We learn how the brand started humbly in New York City before uprooting to the music city and how making your effects after your pets it’s a valuable move. It’s a killer episode filled with strange stories, goofy jokes and of course, terrible nicknames. Enjoy! https://linktr.ee/bigearpedals https://instagram.com/bigearpedals?igshid=1l1iweppztrb9

#67 Don’t Try This At Home with Jaketto Picks

The boys get down, way down under to Australia with Jack from Jaketto Picks. This young brand has quickly become a rising star amongst plectrum aficionados. Their beautiful, handmade picks are so sought after they often sell out immediately after being posted on their website. There’s a secret world behind handmade picks and we get to know one person in it. Listen in now! https://instagram.com/jakettopicks?igshid=9qe2shqij6ew https://jakettopicks.com/

#66 T60’s and Screaming Pigs With Electrofoods Pedals

It’s double the fun this week as Al & Kasper are joined by Carl Platts & Matt McDonald from Electrofoods Pedals. The boys bond over their mural fanaticism for vintage Peavey axes,  what makes a rig of doom and more. Enjoy! https://instagram.com/electrofoods.pedals?igshid=1f15s3osw9ur4 https://www.electrofoods.space

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